What Are Prohormones and Are They Safe to Take?

What Are Prohormones and Are They Safe to Take?

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You’ve likely heard of prohormones, the safer alternative to steroids.

There is a lot of confusion over the idea of prohormones, though, and this is risky because they must be used with caution. The effects of any performance-enhancing substance should be well understood before use.

We’ll cover the difference between steroids and prohormones, and how to take the latter safely.

What’s the Deal With Prohormones?

A large concern among many is that prohormones are too similar to steroids to be taken safely. While this is true in some cases, prohormones are the safer alternative. Let’s first discuss the problem with steroids.

Understanding the Steroid Issue

Steroids are a synthetic compound created to resemble testosterone. They act in the same way as testosterone and our bodies treat steroids as they would treat natural hormones. The presence of steroids allows your body to build muscle and burn fat much quicker than it would otherwise.

It also has the side effects of increased fertility and an enhanced sense of aggression. While some people may desire these effects for one reason or another, the effects have real, lasting effects on the human body.

The presence of steroids throws your body’s natural hormone production out of whack, prompting the body to adjust accordingly. In order to keep a hormonal balance, your body produces less testosterone on its own. This fact sometimes leads to people developing higher levels of estrogen.

Estrogen is the feminine sex hormone and the presence of it can often lead to men developing secondary sex characteristics such as breasts. The other side effects of steroids can be related to abnormal moods, loss of hair, facial acne, and infertility.

So, How About Prohormones?

Prohormones contain some of the same elements as steroids. They supplement your body’s hormone production, whereas steroids do the entire job.

As a result of an act in 2004 by President George Bush, steroids and prohormones were made illegal in the United States. The thing is, there are loopholes which leave a few prohormones exempt. These substances carry much of the same risks as steroids, but they are milder and less threatening.

The benefits are smaller too. They are real, though, and you will experience expanded growth if you take prohormones. It’s recommended that you do extensive research before beginning to take prohormones, as the risks can affect everyone differently.

Another thing to add is that you should never take prohormones before you are nineteen years old. Taking the substance before that stage of life can lead to permanent damage to your ability to produce hormones naturally.

Interested in Supplements?

There are a lot of supplements out on the market today, many of which, like prohormones, are likely to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Safe, tested supplements are sometimes essential to seeing the growth that you want.

If you’re interested in learning more about supplements, we have everything you need.

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